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Struggles with eczema hits close to home. My son with 4 year old has encountered situations that no one should ever feel or have. Situations that will make it hard for anyone to laugh, feel pretty or be happy. After many doctor visits, I had enough. I decided to do my research & treat him myself. I want everybody suffering from eczema to know that I know it can take a mental toll on you, but there’s a happy ending. A remedy. Know that it’s worth the fight, the research. You’re worthy. Beautiful. Strong. It’s easy to remain uneducated, to be prescribed medication & steroids & call it a day. But we won’t stay uneducated. enough is enough. I hope that by donating we are able to contribute a grain of sand & help with research to continue educating ourselves about eczema.

Things will get better. I truly believe that.

We all deserve to feel pretty.



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