About Alpha Gurl Beauty

Originally named Alpha Gurl Attire, born on March 2020, Alpha Gurl has been evolving as I went through changes in my life. It all started with clothing, & develop to beauty products & jewelry on April 2021. From the start I had a mission to encourage gurls to be strong, independent, free & confident no matter what & to this day, I keep my word, and my task still stays the same. My whole journey with Alpha Gurl has been a roller coaster ride, where I had learning experiences, blessings, changes, & more. Struggling from depression, chronic stress & more I had to remind myself that I should apply everything that I encourage gurls to be. Sometimes thinking about giving up, but more times staying truth to myself. Because a real Alpha Gurl, is strong, independent, free & confident, no matter what.


Cheers to evolving, changing, being strong, & growing!



Zero judgment zone. I believe you should be free

being you


You deserve to feel pretty.


If I wouldn't use it, I wouldn't sell it.


It's fun to be gurls!


All gurls are welcome. No hate zone.



It's not easy being gurls. We deal with competitions, hate, judgement, expectations & more. My mission with Alpha Gurl Beauty is to make this your happy place. I created this brand with the purpose of helping you feel pretty & do pretty badass things. I want you to be free & express yourself through accessories & beauty products that will not only accentuate your features, they will boost your confidence. Alpha Gurl will be your source for how to love being an alpha gurl in all its glory!

Meet the Founder

"Hi Alpha Gurl! Veronica here, founder of Alpha Gurl Beauty. Mom of two with a third one baking in the oven. Born & raised in Puerto Rico. Living in USA, Florida. Happily married. Love to dance, watch reality & thriller movies & series, game nights, food (of course) adventures, crafts & always down for a good ass time!"



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