Eczema skincare tips

Being an eczema parent or having eczema can get lonely & frustrating. Finding something to soothe the skin can be hard. There’s many causes and triggers of flares, so let me share with you some eczema skincare tips that has helped keep my sons eczema flares reduced.

  • Using the right products- Using products that don’t causes more irritation, burning sensation or itch can really help soothe eczema skin.
  • Perform a food allergy test- 30% of people with eczema has food allergies, which probably could flare up the skin even worst when consuming food that’s allergic to.
  • Reduce or eliminate food that may be causing you irritation after eating. Like I always say, listen to the body. Follow your instinct. Our skin talks.
  • Use fragrance free detergents and cleaning products.
  • When itchy, use cotton gloves & protective pants with footies. I know this can feel extreme but we don’t want to irritate the skin even more, specially when it’s cracked. Let’s allow the skin time to heal. 
  • Use cotton or bamboo clothing & bedsheets. Polyester and other materials could be irritating to your sensitive skin.
  • Introduce anti inflammatory foods.
  • Add a water filter to your shower, I’m not 100% sure if this helps, but we’ve done it and so far my sons skin looks better.
  • Sleep in a cool room- Eczema is sensitive to temperature so it’s better to sleep in a cool room, than a hot room that would make your temp rise and get itchy.
  • Check for vitamin or nutrient deficiency. If necessary start taking vitamins.

I really hope this eczema skincare tips can help you or your little one feel better 💜



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